Tuesday, July 31, 2001

Ok, so here's where it starts...it's a Tuesday afternoon and having been kicking around the idea of starting a blog for, oh, days, I've finally got this far.

So what's gonna be in it?

Er, well i'd like to think a diverting account of this Londoner's everyday - and sometimes not-so-everyday - life, along with a whole plethora of intellectual musings (well, ok maybe the odd bit about shoes). Oh, and some links, soon as i get my head round the software.

I'm not sure exactly what's compelling me to do this, but i think it's something like this. Just occasionally, I'm aware that actually, life is good (even on an ever-dreaded Tuesday, more of which another time no doubt) and in so far as I have an ambition, it's always been that whatever happens - good, bad, alien encounters - if I were to sit down and write my life story at 60, it'd be a damn good book.

Well, I'm some way through those pages, and in some ways living up to that aim - but yet to write a word. So it's time to sort it. That, and the fact that the number of brain cells I routinely destroy of a weekend have got to be taking a hell of a lot of things with them, wherever it is that they go.

So, er, here we go. Live in London. That's a description by the way, not an instruction. Although feel free, about 8 million do.